Thursday, September 4, 2008

I need a new drug

Sometimes it just amazes me how I let people decide how my day is going to go. I know there has to be a support group out there somewhere for people like me. I mean, come on. Its an addiction, right? I get up, I look at my phone and yep, sure enough, a friend did leave me a message again telling me that she didn't mean to spread lies and that she is still the best friend anyone could ever want and so on. Well....deleting that message was honestly a great feeling. Then I realize that my "Aunt" has decided to visit with a vengeance this month. GREAT!!!!! Cranky, bloated, grouchy, I think I need a drink.
Anyone else having a great day?


Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

forget the new drug, i just need a drug. I am sure I am traveling down a road of depression and fast, so when you find the cure let me know. in the mean time.

(((( HUGS )))))

Susan said...

I always need a new drug. Always.

heather said...

don't need a new drug here, just more of the old one.
do need a vacation that includes a change of location and not just sitting around the house feeling guilty for not wanting to clean 24/7.