Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brand New To This

I am brand new to blogging, so please bear with me. A good friend of mine that has been doing this for sometime suggested I give it a try. I think she thought the typing would relieve the stress for a while. Not that I have a lot of the past 4 weeks I have moved into a new place, I went on a business trip, my youngest child decided to move in with his father, who I will call Hitler on here at all times, and my best friend of 30 plus years decided to spread awful rumors for no apparent reason and my dog died.....Think I could put that all into a country song? Oh wait, I don't think I can....I forgot to mention my momma and a train.
Anyway, I will try this for a while. Any advise on any of this would be great.


Susan said...

Beat the bitch down. :)

Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

Ahh, how i love country songs...i was completely tapping my foot to this tune..

heather said...

save momma and the train for the sophmore album.
hitler, backstabbing bitches, dying dogs and a new home are enough material for the first album.

welcome to the best damn free therapy the world has to offer.
no hangovers, no risk of getting pregnant, no monthly dues. just a bunch of fucked up people all just doing there best to get by.