Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh What A Night

I am still reeling over the night. Not sure where to start….I guess, thank you Belle and Susan for asking , no insisting, well, suggesting rather strongly that I go out with you guys. It was great!!! Can’t thank you guys enough for everything, even helping me clean up after getting sick. EWWWW!!!
The night was one I think all of us needed. It was fun to let my hair down and dance (as best I can with my 80s moves and style)and feel almost like a teenager again.
I have, however, decided that golf may be worth watching after all. See, we met this whole bunch of golfers there and did they ever like us. I think they were blown away be three country girls who could let their hair down and have fun.
One of the guys, who I will call Indiana, was wonderful! We danced and talked and danced and well…just let me say things were moving along out on the deck when I hear, BETTY!!!! Get in here right now! What do you think you are doing?” I swear, I thought my Mom had come in. At that point, I was so confused, I did what the voice said. Is this the time to say that I am not sure how many shots I had done or exactly how many drinks had been bought for me, so I was a bit messed up. Looking back on it, I think I should say thank you to Susan for being a friend. Come on, how many people do you know that can say they have friends like Belle and Susan who would help them wash the puke out of their hair? LOL
All in all, it was a great night and I can’t WAIT for next year!!!!!!


Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

you cant wait for sweaty golfer

Susan said...

..."I can't help it, he's a helluva a good kisser"

(three seconds later)

"...Susan that boy can kiss"

(five seconds later)

"I don't know what I'm doing but did I tell you that boy can KISS?!"

heather said...

so, other than kissing just what ~is~ indiana good at???

funny, back in the day i met a guy i called oklahoma who was a damn good kisser. you know you've hd too much and don't need to be doing anything but kissing when you can't remember what the guys name is and call him by his home state instead. lol

just remember, next time out it's your turn to help with the washing. :)