Friday, September 5, 2008

YOU WANT WHAT???? ARE YOU INSANE? These were my words to my ex husband last night. Let me go back and explain this a bit. See, after him having many affairs, I finally left his ass in 2003. I was granted custody of my two boys and Hitler was told to pay child support. Sounds simple, right? NEVER. My oldest son is now 19 and in college, so Hitler says that he owes my son and I nothing. My younger son, who is now 16 hates the schools here in the big Summers County. I agreed to let him stay with his Dad for 6 months to see how he likes the school there. Now, here is the kicker, Hitler has never paid what he was supposed to pay in child support. He owes me quite a bit....he had the nerve to call me last night to ask for child support. Now, he has remarried and they both have good jobs. I am a single mother, trying hard to make it and failing miserably at times. If I felt he had been fair and had paid what he owed, I would figure out a way to pay him support. The kicker....I have already turned all of the paperwork in to collect back child support in June and Hitler isn't even aware of it yet....I guess the system is a little slow. ANYWAY, he asked me for child support on the night that my wonderful friend, aunt flo or whatever you want to call it came to visit. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I am very out spoken when this happens. I kept my cool and didn't yell and scream and bluntly told him to see what the child support people said and to leave me alone. Then I fixed a couple of drinks, took a pain pill and am now trying to focus on my, how is everyone else doing?
On another note.....if Belle doesn't quit looking at puppy pictures, I am gonna have to kill her ya Belle!


Susan said...

The puppy is so cute though!! Look at all those rolls. :)

heather said...

i wanna see the puppy tooooo. :(

my mom went through a bunch of crap with my dad when they divorced. child support was only part of it. i don't envy your position at all. just remember this, if you can prove that he has not paid the owed support and for some god unknown reason you end up with a class a prick for a family court judge, you can fight to have the support you would have to pay him deducted from what he already owes you. as for your oldest, check your separation agreement or your divorce papers, whichever outlines the support. most often if the child is enrolled full time then support continues till they're 21. whatever you do though, do ~not~ try to do this on your own! get legal help! my mom tried to do it on her own and got screwed. bad.

*what the hell is it with aunt flo this week? she's here too. damn i can't wait till menopause!*