Friday, September 19, 2008

I hate roller coasters!

So, I have always gotten sick on roller coasters, but this is ridiculous. The Ex husband told me he would meet me halfway so that I could have my son for the weekend. First let me explain, I have custody of my son, however, he hates the school here. He really wanted to go to NC to try school there. I finally agreed to it and his Dad said he would work with me and bring him halfway for visits. Now, he says he won’t. I have to go to NC to get him, about 3.5 hours from here and then turn around and take him back on Sunday. For someone who has back problems, this is a lot of traveling, something I am only to do if I am riding and can take meds to keep me relaxed. Well, that won’t happen, I have to drive to get him and drive to take him back. I am very angry, hurt, sad, all of that good stuff. I just want to see my son. First his dad says he will meet me, then he won’t, then he will….then about 15 minutes ago, he says he won’t. His Dad, who I like to call Hitler, is only doing this because he owed me 5500.00 in back support and the state has started taking payments out of his checks. Now he is mad at me. He was supposed to have started making payments two years ago and didn’t. Now he is mad at me. This seems a little screwed up to me. I think it might be a lifetime movie weekend. Gonna go buy me some popcorn and diet coke and get new batteries for the remote and stay in bed as much as possible. Thinking about inviting a couple of friends over to hang out too. Maybe we can even contact the mafia and see about a hit man? LOL


heather said...

did you get any of this agreement re: transportation in writing? or the fact that you are not giving up custody but only allowing your son to try out the schools there?
sounds to me as if you may have to tell hitler and your son that if the agreement is not going to be honored completely then your son needs to pack his shit cause he's comming home. like it or not. (how old is your son anyway?) i'm with you on the lifetime movie weekend but suggest holding off on the hit man for a bit. at least until he's paid up that is. ;)

Betty said...

thanks for the advise. And for making me smile. I told my son, who is 16, will be 17 in December that he may want to be ready to pack it up. I am not taking this from Hitler. My son says he understands. May need more advise later. Thanks again.