Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night was a rough night. I have been going thru some pretty tough times with a couple of people and last night, I decided to get it all out and settle things once and for all. Why is it that I am still hurting? I told one guy that I could never be more than his friend because even though my best friend and I have had a rough time, I still can’t date her ex. He said it makes him sad. Now THAT makes me sad. Why do I ALWAYS attract the guys that seem so sweet like last night, but are really very physical guys that want to shove you around? I have a GREAT guy that I have been seeing for a while. Why can’t I just settle down and be happy with him. He is handsome, he is kind, has a great job, is a great dad and seems to be everything I have ever wanted. I think after the failed marriages, I am afraid to totally commit. Who knows. Maybe just “talking “ it all out on here will help. The good news….2 people who have owed me $$ since May came thru today….I can buy groceries!!!! LOL
As for the weekend, plans with Mr. Wonderful tonight, not really sure about the rest of the week….anyone doing anything fun this weekend?


heather said...

uhm, unless you think redoing planograms and stripping floors is fun then i'll have to say nope, no fun planned here.

sounds like you've got a case of bad boy blues. i've suffered from bbb for years myself. stop thinking marriage and just think right now. unless mr wonderful brings it up.
and yeah, definitely stay away from known abusers, they don't change. ever.

Susan said...

I'm just going to point out at least the "mr. wonderful" is around and you're not going 21 days at a time without seeing him.

Sorry. I'm having a pity party of my very own this Sunday evening.

Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

glad you finally told the one guy to beat it. i think it is for the best.he wasnt worth it. take your time with mr wonderful and live for today, dont worry about tomorrow.