Friday, October 3, 2008

Highway to Hell

All I can think of is “Highway to Hell”. I am heading out this evening to meet my ex husband to pick up our youngest son for a weekend visit. See, Hitler has done everything he can think of to keep me from seeing my son. Now, keep in mind, I have custody. I am allowing my son to live with his dad in order to try a new school. The school here in our little town is not all that great and my son had some incidents that happened last year and he is refusing to go back to school here. I am taking my oldest son who is 19 with me and Hitler and I will trade kids for the weekend. To make this trip a bit more interesting, I am taking my Dad with me. Yes, the one who just turned 70. He doesn’t remember that he is 70 and wants to go with me in case Hitler tries to be a butt again. I am just hoping the Highway to Hell will smooth out this evening and that the switch will go well so I can come back to the beautiful mountains here in WV.
This week has already been stressful enough here at home. I could really use a stress free weekend right now.
I am also looking forward to a party that Susan, Belle and I will be attending this weekend. Gotta love the passion parties…….
Have a good weekend, everyone.

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